Welcome. My name is Georg Schauer. I am a PhD student at the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience in Tübingen, Germany, investigating the neural basis of visual consciousness. Previously I completed an MA Philosophy and MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh as well as a year long research internship at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Scince in Brighton, England. Earlier still, I had the privilege of attending the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I completed my International Baccalaureate diploma. You can find a compact academic CV here.

The purpose of this website is to make some of the things I have thought about available to comment on, critique and just read. Most of the things here are not published and really just a few remarks on some issues. If you want to copy something from this website, please go ahead as long as you reference it, pictures excluded. I hope you enjoy the read and wish you a pleasant time on my wesite!